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Summer in Africa!

Sep 03, 2014 05:06 pm | Jane Cook

Praying for a Lame Woman to be Healed


I have had several requests to share about my summer in Africa.  I will share things from time to time that I think you might enjoy or also learn from etc.

My Summer in Africa felt like one really long day, like I was in a time warp, taken out of everything I knew and set down in a foreign, unfamiliar place where nothing was the same:  not the environment  ( climate, trees, geography, weather, not even the night sky), not the language, culture, housing, ways of life, technology, comforts, food, relationships, family, security, freedom, independence, routine, or identity!  WILD!  But it was also a sacred time with God amongst hundreds of others who also hunger and seek after God, of one mind to worship and follow Him.  It was a time set apart from work, family, and daily routines to seek Him and to hear Him.  It was a time of tremendous input and encouragement from some of the most powerful activated men and women of God on the planet!  I received such powerful messages, testimonies, words, and prayers from these precious warriors of God.  I also got to learn from my brothers and sisters in Christ from a different culture, to see their faith, their love and devotion to God, and the power manifested in and through their lives.  They encouraged me to spend time with God and in His Presence apart from literacy (reading & writing) by just praying, singing, worshiping, and quiet.

I got to catch a glimpse of what God is doing across the world and how He is calling the nations to Himself and to see so many people answering the call to “GO” and all the beautiful plans and purposes of God being fulfilled.  I got to see these laid-down lovers of God go out to seek the lost and the broken in the power of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel followed by signs and wonders and healing.  People who will not back down from the call of God on their lives.  People who will go forward, not intimidated by the enemy or by people to see the works of the devil destroyed and the kingdom of God manifested!

We got to work together in so many different ways from staying in the Bush Bush and showing the Jesus Film, to praying for the people for salvation and healing, ministering to the children on base and in the village, helping with the feeding program, ministry at the hospital and prison,  praying for people in the dump, helping on the farm, Iris Arts, construction, and so much more. It was a time of learning but also applying what was learned and pouring out the message of love.

What an awesome opportunity I had!  I was so blessed!  May none of the precious seed sown in my heart be wasted.  May all come to fruition in my life in Jesus name!