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I am way overdue for a post concerning my 3 week trip to Les Cayes, Haiti in June!  Part of my slowness was due to being just absolutely overwhelmed with all that happened, and the other part was the birth of my #6 granddaughter, my mother-in-law breaking her hip, and birth of #7 granddaughter!

I don’t even know how to express it all, so just briefly:


I made such wonderful connections with such wonderful people!  


  1.  Catherine who has the ministry with the Village Children Feeding Program and the Enrichment Program for the Street Boys.
  2. Alan who is so generous to provide a place for Catherine to stay and to have her ministry
  3. Megan with a Safe House Ministry
  4. Patrico who ministers to the Street Boys and has started a program to help the women of the village to have sustainable income, which is my heart too!
  5. Pierre who is leading youth to pursue business and entrepreneurship
  6. Levis, Alan’s manager of the gym, shopper, motorcyclist, and friend
  7. So many others who were so helpful and generous and hospitable

I ran with the “Trash to Treasure” idea that I believe that God gave me and crammed as much teaching and art in as possible.  The street boys were so amazing, so precious, and so quick to learn!!  We learned how to make rope from plastic bottles and how to crochet with old clothes, t-shirts, and dyed string to make rugs/mats and bags/totes.  We also had a mixed-media paint and collage experience under a tree on the sand.  They got to experience mixing colors and just enjoying the play of creating!  

I also helped Catherine with the Village Children Feeding Program.  The children were so precious and hungry! ( I learned how to get the worms out of corn meal and keep ants out of opened canned milk.)

We made several trips to the hospital to love on abandoned babies and children and to encourage mamas there with their sick children, prayed for them, and often helped them to get medicine etc.  

There were many heart-wrenching moments.  They have really touched me in so many ways.

 I am so grateful for the opportunity (and to my awesome husband and family for supporting me!) and to think that God can use simple things like soda bottles, and crochet!

 It is really all about just giving God what you have in your hands with LOVE!  

Stay tuned…. my heart wants to go back.  We shall see.