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WOW!  2017 is Here!

We enjoyed “One Word 2016” so much last year,  let’s do it again!!
 I thought I would be gone in January, but I am here!  So let’s do it!
Who is game to meet together at the beautiful Selah Among the Hills
to “unplug” and get ready for 2017?!

Did you know that 86% of adults make New Year Resolutions and 50% fail by the end of January?
“One Word” is a radical idea to simplify and focus on just One Word that can change our lives for 2017!  

We will take time to:
Prepare our hearts by looking in.
Discover our Word by looking up.
Live our Word by looking out.  

January 27- 29
Selah Among the Hills, Arcadia, MO

Friday, Jan. 27
5 pm Check in
6 pm Dinner
7 pm  Intro into “One Word 2017”
8 pm  “Prepare Your Heart by Looking In”

Saturday, Jan. 28
Quiet time
8 am            Breakfast
9-10:30 am  “Discover Your Word by Looking Up”
10:30 – 12    Art Room – Begin the Mixed Media creative expression of your One Word
Noon           Lunch
1-4 pm        Art Room – Continue Mixed Media One Word
6 pm           Dinner
7-8 pm       Chapel Soaking music

Sunday, Jan. 29
Quiet Time
9 pm          Brunch
10-11         Sharing in Chapel + “Live Your Word by Looking Out”
Noon         Check Out

I hope to share this time together!  If you are ready to “unplug” and to get your Word for 2017, REGISTER HERE!

Jane Cook

PS.  The Creative Mixed Media Art Experience is FUN and requires NO art experience!  You have been given all the creativity you need from the Creator Himself!