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Yes!  It’s crazy!  I know!  I changed my business name AGAIN!
I have a new domain, am working on a new website,
new social media names, new email, etc.!
So many things are connected!!


But I feel PASSIONATE about what I am pursuing.
After doing the Cyber Retreat for “One Word”,
so many things began moving forward in amazing ways!


(By the way, if you missed the Cyber Retreat, you can go HERE to check it out!)



THEN after reading “Your One Word” about business focus,
I really began to see how I needed to focus on what it IS
than I am trying to do / believe that God is leading me to do!

I highly recommend this book:


Sooo…. I have begun all the changes.
I really need your help to look at the website
and see if you understand what I am trying to do
and what I am trying to say!
(And see if all the links are working!)

Please check out my new website:

I Love and Appreciate you so much!!
Let me know what you think HERE!

PS.  I will get back with you on some exciting news as it firms up!