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Valentine’s Day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I’m back!  I got back from Phnom Penh a week ago Sunday.  It was a unique trip spent seeing, listening, learning, connecting with Cambodia, Khmer people, Iris Cambodia team, and Vision.

 My heart has been enlarged and broken and ignited for Cambodia.

It amazes me how my small little gift of Art and Jewelry design is invited to join a much bigger picture of helping women escape the sex trafficking bondage by creating a loving, healing, safe place to come and create sustainable income!

While visiting all the different facets of Iris Cambodia’s work and ministry, I got to paint and play with the precious children of the railway slum,  

make polymer clay hearts with some of the Mums,    


and to go into the Bar/Brothels to just sit, talk, and love on the girls/women there.  I gave them polymer clay heart pins with “loved” stamped on the back. 

We created quite a “love stir” as one after another came over to see the hearts and to receive theirs. 

One of the women told me her story of how when her husband left her with her 1 year old son, she came to the city in desperation to get a job so she could care for him….. When she asked me when I would come back, I said I would but it would be awhile.  She said, “I will not take off this heart pin until you come back.”  I wept.  May she be one of the first to enter our Women’s Artisan Group of Cambodia!

I am planning to return to Phnom Penh in September to start the Artisan group.  In the meantime, Iris Cambodia will be making preparations.  We thank you for your prayers.

May God bless you also in all the “small” but loving things you do for others day in and day out. 

YOU ARE making a difference in the world! 

If you have any hidden dreams/visions of doing other things, maybe it’s time to take those dreams out of hiding and see what you could do now to make steps toward fulfilling your dream!

One step leads to another, leads to another, leads to a path of opportunity, to seeing your beautiful destiny fulfilled!

Love Always,

How can you help the women in Cambodia?  One way is to join the “Have a Heart Campaign!”