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“Capturing Ancient France”
Workshop with Dayle Doroshow
          Durfort, France
7/17 – 7/25/17

Wow, time has gotten away without sharing
with you about my time in France!
I got to take some incredibly wonderful workshops,
going back in time to the magical place of Durfort, France,
a medieval artisan village at the foot of a mountain gorge
by the banks of the Sor River.
Durfort is famous for the 16th century copper industry.
I felt like I was in a storybook or movie set.

Here is a link to pictures
Summer in France 

I got to stay in the beautiful, 3-story, 17th century home named LaCascade for the mountain stream whose waterfall fills the house with its music!  Nese prepared beautiful and tasty meals of soups, vegetables, soups, chicken, lamb and fish with breads and cheeses and desserts. 

I got to spend all week in the studio with Dayle creating wonderful books and using all kinds of French ephemera we found at the local village flea markets and such when we weren’t out exploring the surrounding towns and beautiful countryside.   


I handpainted silk scarves with Ann as a bonus extra!  

In Soreze, I got to see the amazing tapestries of Dom Robert 

In Albi, the Cathe’drale Sainte-Ce’cile, Palai de la Berbie, and Saint Salvi 13th century cloister

It was an amazing trip to see a small part of such a beautiful country, experience the culture,
the foods, the music, the Art, the people, and to make Art!
I hope to apply ideas and techniques to my present work.

I am thinking to plan a workshop this Spring.  Anyone interested?  Polymer clay or Mixed Media?

Let’s make some Art together!!