Don’t You Love to Hear a Story
About People Pursuing Their Dreams?!

     I sure do!  I LOVE to hear about people following their hearts,
pursuing their dreams,
and using their creativity to make a difference in the world!  

I am working on creating something to help people do just that,
and I need your help, your input! 
I would be so blessed if you could take 5 minutes and
answer the questions on the survey by hitting the link below.  

Just to say THANK YOU
and to recognize you for taking your time to help me with this,
I would like to enter you in the drawing for
a FREE 1 night stay at Selah Among the Hills Retreat in Arcadia, MO. 
This would be given with the hopes of giving you a time away to rest,
refresh, reflect, walk, write, create, and just have some time to yourself. 

I also have a free download for you of a mixed media piece
you can download and print off or use as the wallpaper
on your cell phone or computer, 
to encourage you to “Go for YOUR Dreams.” 


Yes! I will take the survey! Enter Me into the Drawing for Selah!


Share your dream with me!

Contact me here to tell your story!







I just back from Cambodia and am excited to move forward with this creativity project!
So, please fill out the survey as soon as possible. 
I will do the drawing for the Free stay at Selah on Saturday morning, February 29, so be sure to have your survey sent to me by midnight, February 28.

Thank you again!  


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