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I have been home a month and want to give you an update
on my trip and the exciting news of collaboration!

The Cambodia Trip 2020 was an amazing time of continued training and work with the girls of Nokor Creations.  We created several new lines of work.  One of the most exciting is a series of women’s faces we have called the “Empowered Women” series.  We created black and white designs to add to these amazing faces for necklaces and earrings.

Whenever a woman wears one we want them to not only remember the women they are helping out of poverty and exploitation by supporting their beautiful work with their purchase, but also to know the encouragement of women to women, to be be empowered in their life as well, to have hope to overcome any difficulties they may be facing, and to prosper and live a full and beautiful life!

As we worked and shared together, these amazing women agreed to collaborate with “A Friend’s Place”, the women’s shelter of the Southeast Missouri Family Violence Council in Bonne Terre, MO!  We made 100s of  “Empowered Women” beads with more yet to be made from the canes (clay designs) we made.  The idea came to us to create macrame’ key rings for a lower end item and also for those who do not wear jewelry.  These turned out wonderful and the idea was born.  The women were willing to share their beautiful, handmade “Empowered Women” beads with the women at “A Friend’s Place”, who would then make them into macrame’ key rings to sell to support the needs of the shelter.  They were so excited to able to help and to connect with women in the USA who are also overcoming difficulties.  We cried.  I recorded a video of them presenting their beads to the women’s shelter.  Sweet!


Since I have returned home, the women at the shelter are excited to learn to macrame’ and to make the key rings.  They are an amazing group of women who are always wanting to help with fundraising efforts as they are so grateful for the service of having a safe place.  I will be teaching them as soon as the “social distance” thing has passed due to the current precautions for the Corona Virus.

They will be selling these at “The Giving Tree” in Desloge, or you can call the shelter and place an order over the phone, email me, or purchase at any SEMOFVC fundraiser.  I will also sell them on my Empowered Women website as soon as they are available.  100% of the sales will go to the shelter as Empowered Women Create has covered all the cost for the beads and the materials.                                                                      

Collaborations are so much fun!!  It is so beautiful to connect with others and see the results even better than what one could do alone!

Are there any “collaborations” you could do in your life?  Any connections you could make in your personal life?  Work?  Church?  Your passion or dream project?  

Go For It!