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I BELIEVE we are ALL creative. 
God has put amazing plans and purposes
into us for us to discover and pursue. 
He has made each one of us UNIQUE, truly one of a kind. 

Can YOU accept and believe that you
are full of
CREATIVE potential? 
Wonderfully made? (Check out
Psalm 139!) 
Can you believe that all your experiences, personality,
passions, strengths, weaknesses, loves and joys
contribute to your
UNIQUE offering/GIFT to the world?

Can we relax and realize that we do not need
to compare ourselves to anyone else
or measure up to some imagined standard
or try to please others? 
Because all our Creator wants for is for us to realize that all
He expects of us is for you to be you
and for me to be me. 

He wants you to be you
just the way He designed and made you. 

God wants YOU to be fully YOU because no one else can! 

This truth takes all the pressure off. 
I feel relieved, don’t you?! 

All I have to BE is ME.

All you have to BE is YOU!

Let’s DO IT!