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We Need a Revival of Creative Thinking

We need a revival of creative thinking!   We spend so much time in school, at work, and in our lives, in the left side of our brain – the convergent (one answer), linear, right or wrong answers, verbal thinking side.  We DO need this side of the brain.  Reading and writing is good, speaking etc.   But we have seriously neglected developing the right side of our brain- the visual, creative, divergent thinking that can see many possibilities, non-judgmental, imaginative, and “outside the box” of present knowledge.  Notice I said “develop”.  We spend lots of time and schooling learning how to communicate and use the left side of the brain.  We need to spend time developing our right side of the brain.  We can learn to see.  We can learn and improve our right brain skills.  Why do most of us think that we can’t draw?!  We think we draw the same we did in kindergarten?  Because we have not drawn anything since kindergarten!

I recently took a 5-Day Challenge on FB called the Playful Prophetic Artist with Lyn Lasneski.  (Check out Lyn’s fabulous free Face Book group and stay in touch with other wonderful classes HERE!! )She got me “fired” up and “spoke my language”.  LOL!  She articulated this challenge of creativity so well when she said that she believes our world today is in a “creativity crisis,”  in other words, creative thinking is not being emphasized or even taught, therefore, many people are not thinking creatively, and the world is suffering as a result!  

Creative thinkers find creative solutions to problems!  We need to learn how to use the right side of our brains and learn how to see and think visually, not just linear, verbal and rational.  How can we develop this type of thinking and make a creative contribution to the world?

One way is learning to draw and paint.  Drawing and painting is communicating visually, which is actually the best way and most powerful way to communicate.  We often forget what we hear but remember what we see, even if the picture is in our mind/imagination.  These skills of drawing and painting can be learned.  These not only can be used to communicate powerfully; they teach us how to see and how to observe which then opens our minds to visual thinking that can be applied to every single vocation or work and to solve problems creatively in every part of our lives – from marriage and parenting to work issues and world issues… small problems and huge problems.  Even the Corona Virus, world hunger, lack of clean water, sex trafficking etc.  

Lyn shared a fascinating fact that the geniuses of the world have also been artists and thought visually and creatively which transferred to creative problem solving.  I became so intrigued by this idea that I have been researching and reading about well known geniuses, inventors, and leaders to discover if indeed, art and visual thinking played a part or THE important part of their discoveries!  I will share with you some of these discoveries about Louis Pasteur, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Churchill, and others next week!  

In the meantime, why not take a few minutes every day to doodle or draw something?

Seeking to Grow Creatively,

PS  Here is a link to a very simple but fun collage art experience for you to play along with me HERE.