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I thought I would give my friends and family and customers a little up-date.  As you know, I sold the Oasis Christian Bookstore to pursue the vision of helping women here and in 3rd world countries to discover their creativity and to help them create sustainable income.  It has been quite a process to discover what that will look like for me.  I spent the summer in Africa in 2014 and made some wonderful connections etc. but plans to go back this past spring did not work out with the visas etc. at the time.  

In the meantime, another idea besides jewelry came to me that might be more “doable” overseas…. but who to connect with?  The details are too many but how interesting how God works in our lives.

What do Patricia King (I went to her “Women on the Frontline Conference”), Christine Caine (I listen to on podcast), Heather Wickham Nozea ( local girl marries Haitian, I get to help after the earthquake), and Tatum Hill (fellow student at Harvest School in Pemba, Mozambique 2014)?!!

They are all helping in ministry or with ministries in the sex trade to help women and children escape and create sustainable income!!

Maybe I do not need to create a new ministry, but just help with projects etc. of these existing, wonderful ministries!
Hmmmm…?!  Like I said – I am in the Process and Process is messy and mysterious!  ha  I do believe that one thing is leading to another.  We shall see.

So, what is your vision?  Dream?  Take a step and see what connections open up before you!!!  It sure makes for an “adventure!”  I always did love a good mystery!  🙂     jane



PS  I am going to Thailand and Singapore January 5 to help on the ministry team/Global Awakening.  Here is the link:  THAILAND
If you have a “vision” to do missions – check out Global Awakening – Randy Clark.  He trains teams and goes all over the world.  I went with him on my first mission trip to Pemba, Mozambique to help Heidi Baker.  That trip was a milestone to me.

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It was amazing!  I have no artistic talent and yet I was taught how to think outside the box and create a wonderful storybook canvas about my life… Sandi
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