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Welcome to Morning Expressions!

Morning Expressions was created to encourage us in our quiet times of contemplation and meditation
to listen and hear God through scripture
and to express it visually.
Creating a visual expression helps us to process our thoughts on a deeper emotional and subconscious level.
Visual expression also creates a picture to help us to remember the scripture, truth, or promise.
Even the action of drawing or painting can be meditative and take us into the right brain,
past the verbal chatter that goes on in our minds,
into a connection with our deeper selves and connection with God.

This is not a painting/drawing class, although as you paint and draw, you will be developing your skill.
This time is meant to help us to meditate on what God’s word is speaking to us
and to express it on paper.

May this be an amazing practice and journey in our time with God!

(NO skills or special materials are needed!)