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Welcome to Your “One Word 2017”

Cyber Retreat


The Cyber Retreat is the next best thing to being there!

You will have your own “One Word 2017 Retreat” with me

on your own time and in your own space.

 I will direct you through all of the steps.

You will take action on each step to hear from God

and discover YOUR ONE WORD for 2017!  

Then we will create a mixed-media piece together by video!

I also have a guest appearing with me, Sandi Chamberlain,

a 2nd Grade teacher and amazing creative homemaker.

 You can hang YOUR ONE WORD for 2017

in a special place to remind you for the whole year.

 One Word can change your life!

You will receive the video links, the pdf of the

devotional steps, and the materials list.

This retreat is FREE for you for 2017!

 I want to bless you and encourage you.

So sign up today and let’s get started changing our lives

with ONE WORD!  

Don’t have time to gather all the art supplies etc?

 Let me put together a kit for you!  


Jane Cook



I hope you join me

for the “One Word 2017” Cyber Retreat!

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to your friends and family by

sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?  

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I really believe that this retreat to

discover Your One Word is life changing!