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Psalm 23

Psalm 23 PDF

In our #3 Morning Expression, we will be meditating on Psalm 23.

I realized this week just how much more these meditation + visual times could be!  It is a well known documented fact that the easiest way to remember things is by images/pictures in our minds.  It has been used by speakers and businessmen for a long time.  I ran across this “memory trick” and how it can work from Jim Quick.    He has YouTubes and a podcast as well. I even ran across this memory technique when reading an old book called “Public Speaking” by Dale Carnegie.  I am finding it so fascinating.  We need to think more creatively by thinking visually, but thinking visually can also be used to help us to remember things!  Wild!

So in this Morning Expression, we will be creating what I am going to call, a Scripture Picture Memory Map.  As you make your own map of Psalm 23 with your own symbols and colors to represent the different verses, you will meditate and speak the verses over and over to yourself as you “walk along” the map.  You will be able to remember what your map looks like and walk along the path in your mind to remember the verses!  I think that we can remember God’s powerful word to us easier than ever before!

Yes, there are 2!  My first video got deleted when uploading to YouTube somehow!  Yikes!  So the 2nd one is the one that I did for the YouTube you will see.

REMEMBER that you do not need to paint any of your pics on Morning Expressions like mine!  You decide on the colors and symbols and way that you want to paint them for yourself.  It is your own, unique expression.    It does not have to be realistic.  Think about how to express what you are thinking in the color that you use, shape, and actually how you physically put the paint on the page.

Most of all have fun and meditate on God’s powerful Word!!


I am so glad you are willing to try it with me!  Please comment below if you wish.  I would also love to see what you are doing if you want to post on Jane Cook Create Facebook page!  Let me know if you have been able to remember the scriptures easier by thinking of the picture.  Thank YOU!  🙂  jane