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It has been 17 years since the seed of this vision to encourage women in their creativity began to grow and to develop and now has become a non-profit organization called Empowered Women Create, to help women around the world in a more powerful way by connecting with other women who care about women, freedom, and oppression.

     This book is dedicated to my husband, Kevin, who has always believed in and supported me in a way that continues to surprise me. He has skin in the game! …and to my amazing daughters, Melissa and Sarah, who support me in my “creative” ideas even when it costs them something as well. To my wonderful grandkids who continually inspire me to stay young, fun, and creative – Jacob, Eli, Kylee, Caleb, Claire, Chloe, and Lexi. To my Mom and Dad who gave me such a wonderful, loving, and supportive foundation for my life. To Suzann who has been a constant support and sounding board for me personally and for all my “wild” ideas. I also want to recognize Heidi Baker who profoundly impacted my life with her life as a “laid down lover of Christ” and an example of what it looks like to “Stop for the One and to Love the One.”

     Thank you to the beautiful women who helped me with the launch of this book and their love and support. Each one of you has inspired me and is lighting up the world. Thank you for your friendship and saying, “Yes!” to be a part of the vision:  Scottye Adkins, Vicki Beckham, Donna Bollinger, Melissa Bollinger, Margaret Bullock, Yvonne Carter, Sandi Chamberlain, Theda Childers, Jacque Cooper, Melanie Coppenger, Dayle Doroshow, Jackie Green, Sara Grim, Anna Grim, Christy Hall, Jessica Harmon, Vickie Harper, Lorri Hernandez, Shari House, Christina Jackson, Karen LaBrot, Connie Lee, Suzann Lynch, Marty Lynch, Sarah McFarland, Karon Murphy, Vicki Patterson, Catherine Roux, Diane Schnabel, Kathryn Senter, Deborah Sharon, and Kathleen Wichterman. Thank you to Pastor Bill Miller and his wonderful support and willingness to be a reference for many of my ventures! Thank you to Jackie Green for being such an encouraging friend who has been with me from the beginning when my dream was just an impression. Thank you to Sky Nuttall (my amazing and encouraging editor), to Sara, Deborah, and Connie for helping with the proofreading, to Laurette Willis for your support and endorsement, and other friends and family too numerous to name!

     And most of all I want to acknowledge the God of the Universe who cares for and loves each one of us and chooses to share His amazing creativity with us to partner with Him by faith, imagination, and creativity to bring the unseen into the seen; to bring His Kingdom of Love on earth as it is in Heaven.



Book Discussion Questions to print off



  1. Do you believe that you are genuinely unique by God’s design?
  2. Are you happy to be you? Free to be you?
  3. Who do you feel most comfortable with? Why?
  4. Is there a dream that has continued in your heart?
  5. What do you need to believe about yourself to pursue your dream?
  6. Is there a voice telling you that you cannot do something? What is it? How do you respond to Vincent van Gogh’s quote, If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
  7. Do you feel average or ordinary? Does that rule out being extraordinary?
  8. How would you describe your background and what part does it or has it played toward your dream?



         #1 Be Curious

  1. What are you interested in?
  2. Share your answer for one of the nine questions.
  3. Did you write out what a day looks like when your vision is fulfilled?
    Did you record and listen to it. How did it make you feel? Can you see it?


#2 Invest in Your Interest

  1. Have you invested in yourself? How? How else can you?
  2. Who can you learn from?


#3 The Next Step to Give Your Gift to the World

  1. What step did you take to do this?


#4 Take the Steps. Ask. Seek. Push on the Door

  1. What is you “impossible” next step?


#5 Keep Learning. Be Open. Think ‘Outside the Box’

  1. What does the quote by Einstein mean? Imagination is more important than knowledge.
  2. Where are you ‘outside the box?’

#6 Make a Greater Commitment

  1. Do you have a bigger commitment to make to see your dream become real?
  2. What will it require?


#7 Shift Gears

  1. What convergences have taken place in your life?
    What things in the past have come back around to the present?


#8 Follow Your Heart. Take Action

  1. Where has your heart taken you?
  2. Do you believe you are here for a purpose that impacts others?


#9 Take Fearless Action

  1. How has your vision changed along the way?
  2. Do you have a fearless leap to take? Or have you taken it? What was it?


#10 It Takes Time

  1. Have you had to wait?
  2. What has your timing been like?
  3. How did you persevere?


#11 Don’t Miss the Opportunities Along the Way

  1. What other opportunities have happened on the way to your dream?


#12 Don’t Let Your ‘Limitations’ Keep You From Pursuing Your Vision

  1. What do you feel like are your limitations?
  2. How have you overcome them?
  3. Were they really limitations?
  4. Did they keep you from your dream?


#13 Sacrifice – Not Only for You but for Your Family

  1. What sacrifice is involved for you and your loved ones for you to fulfill your dream?


#14 Others

  1. Are others involved with your dream? How is that going? (positive and negative)


#15 Stuff Happens. Can You Keep Going?

  1. What difficulties have you faced?
  2. How have you kept going?


#16 Make Time for Quiet

  1. Do you take time to get quiet in the morning to connect with God?
  2. What ways work well for you to do this?
  3. How do you care for your body? Soul? Spirit?


#17 Expansion Requires Stretching. You Will Feel It. Keep Going.

  1. Were you or are you stretched in the process?
  2. What positive result comes from stretching?


#18 Be Willing to Shift

  1. What shifts have taken place from your original idea/dream?
  2. Were you able to go with it?


#19 Do the Work

  1. How are you doing on the “work” part of your dream?
  2. How do you keep yourself activated?


    46. Do you see how the ordinary becomes extraordinary when we take action? How?
    47. What small thing is in your hands?
    48. Do you see how some small thing or some small act by one person can impact the world in a huge way as in The Butterfly Effect?49. What “chains” have you experienced in your life? Share your written and drawn chain from the activation.


#20 Everything You Do Matters

  1. What did you think of Admiral McRaven’s part of his speech that said, “…if everyone changed the lives of just 10 people, andeach of those changed the lives of another 10 people etc. then in 5 generations or 125 years, you will have changed the lives of 800 million people.”
  2. Have you changed the lives of 10 people? Small things count!
  3. What does Proverb 13:23 mean to you?  Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor.
    53. What does the Haitian Proverb mean to you?  We see from where we stand. 

#21 It Takes Action, No Matter How Small, to Begin the Chain

  1. What easy step do you take to get going?
  2. Why do small steps matter?



#1 Fear

  1. What fears are stopping you?
  2. What do you think about the comment to just “do it anyway?”
  3. What does David Cameron Gikandi’s quote, Worry is a self-fulfilling prophecy, mean? How has worry affected you in the past?
  4. What helps you to overcome fear?
  5. How does love overcome fear? What stories or example do you have of love overcoming fear?


#2 Failure

  1. Have you failed? What did you learn? Did you keep trying? Did you succeed?

#3 Age

  1. Do you think age has kept you from pursing your dream? Either

too young or too old?

  1. What do you think about Anne Lander’s comment to the person

saying they were too old to go back to school?


#4 Not Enough

  1. Do you think that you are not enough or that you don’t have enough? What is it? Why?
  2. What does God say about that? Have you asked Him?


#5 Procrastination

  1. What are the “sly little foxes” in your life? How will you catch them?
  2. What is the “secret ingredient” of activation?
  3. Do you live like William Borden with “no reserves, no retreats, no regrets?” How can you?


#6 Life

  1. Share what season of life you are in.
  2. Do you feel like life is stopping you from moving forward with your dream?
  3. What CAN you do today in this season of your life?


#7 Discouragement

  1. What did you learn from Joseph’s life?
  2. How did he persevere to accomplish his destiny and purpose?


#8 No Results

  1. How do you keep going when you do not see results?
  2. What encourages you?


#9 Overwhelm

  1. What must be our focus to overcome the overwhelm?
  2. Can you make a difference?
  3. How can you “pour gas on the fire of dreams, and water on the flames of fear?’


  1. What action are you taking now?
  2. Do you believe that you are the only thing stopping you?
  3. What green light do you see?
  4. How are you inspired by this book? What helped you the most?
  5. Who can you encourage to go for their dream? How will you encourage them?