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The 30 Week Challenge to Activate Your Dreams in 2021


I am so excited that you are interested in pursuing your dreams this year, 2021!

  • The challenge will begin on January 25.
    (NOT January 18 that I said in the video. I gave us a little more time.)
  • We will meet as a private group.
  • There will be live videos weekly.
  • We will use the book “What’s Stopping You? Face Your Fears, Ignite Your Passion, and Activate Your Dreams”
    and the free companion activation course which has videos, audios, and pdfs as our guidelines for the challenge.
  • We will do weekly activations and challenges to move us forward.
  • This challenge will be even more powerful as we will be sharing with and encouraging others who are also taking 
    the challenge, which increases accountability and engagement as we learn and share our experiences.


As a beta group, I have decided not to charge the full future cost of this challenge.
Instead, each member will pay $30 (that averages $1 a week)
to participate in The 30 Week Challenge.

Twenty-five dollars of the membership fee will go into a kitty
to be kept until the end of the challenge.

Those who have finished the 30 Week Challenge and completed all of the activations
will be entered into the drawing for the kitty.

We will also have other challenge rewards and bonuses along the way, besides the AMAZING, AWESOME, and WONDERFUL results of your work to actually SEE your dreams becoming REALITY!!

Are you in?
Are you ready?
Let’s do it!
Let’s do it TOGETHER!




Join TODAY – The 30 Week Challenge to Activate Your Dreams!