This page is for YOU to Share YOUR story about how

CREATIVITY has helped you, healed you, brought you Joy,

or CREATIVE solutions to problems,

and how YOU are using your CREATIVITY

 in the world to help others!!

PLEASE Share YOUR story HERE         


This page is also for all you wonderful “Creatives” out there

who are doing creative things to help other people!

(This can include the Arts, Sustainable Income & Project Ideas, Dance, Film, Writing,
and any type of Creative Solutions to solve problems etc.!)


We want to know, hear, & see what YOU are doing to change the world!

It IS as each ONE of us loves, serves, and helps the ONE in front of us,

that we change the world TOGETHER!  


If you would like to have a link to your website, ministry, or organization

AND share how you are using your creativity to help others –

PLEASE contact me HERE to share YOUR Story    





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